Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hung Up

Apprehensions and worries galore,
Uncertainties fill the air.
Self doubts starting to creep in,
He moans in despair.

Till some time back, all was well.
All planned out, and seemed to be the best.
Then one fine day, a light from an unexpected source
Shone dimly but unsettled everything that looked on course.

A new glimmer of hope arose
Old dreams returned on a new night
He thought this was his chance to make it,
And was ready to fight the fight.

So he played his part
And stuck to his task
Then all he could do was to wait,
With the deepest desire, that luck becomes his mate.

But in a few days, he got the first blow
One dream squashed before it could grow
The light turned out to be somewhat low
Were the signs of things to come beginning to show?

It has hit him hard
A reality check of sorts
Is there anything to look forward to?
Or is he headed to another dark?

He thought he could lay his hands, on what now looks like slipping away
As much as he wants to be in control, there isn’t any way
The storm of thoughts inside his head, has taken his peace away
Leaving him vexed and troubled, yearning to find the right way.

Friday, February 08, 2008


He sleeps.

It’s like quietus.

He wakes up… A week has passed.

He smiles.
And slips back into the blanket.
Lights Out.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

À la carte

1 Plate Veg. Steamed Momos: 30 Rs.
1/2 Plate Veg. Singapuri Noodles: 25 Rs.
1 Coke: 10 Rs.
2 Mc Swirl Cones: 20 Rs.
2 Pao Bhaji: 60 Rs.
1 Extra Pao: 10 Rs.
1 Kesar Kulfi Falooda: 35 Rs.

Eating all the above on a cold, winter night, in a span of 90 minutes, with your brother: Priceless! :)