Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm just a dreamer

The clear blue sky
The mild sunlight
The occasional breeze
The fallen leaves

She looked pretty
Playing with the kittens
Her hair concealing half her face
The mystery half revealing

I sat there
With my eyes glued on her
A kitten in my hand and five around
There was music in their purr

I talked to her with ease
And likewise she’d respond
My presence was no surprise
I realised we’d been together for long

But I was falling in love with her again
I asked her if we could leave
With an approving nod, she turned to me
And smiled the most beautiful smile at me

I stood up and gave her my hand
And pulled her towards me
I could see her clearly now
My girl was standing right in front of me

I leaned forward to kiss her
The moment had completely gripped me
Just then I heard the doorbell ring
The maid had arrived to clean the house, and I woke to reality!