Monday, July 24, 2006

Yun Hota To Kya Hota...

Rarely do I get excited about movies, but I really couldn't have thought of missing out on this one. The day I saw the rushes of the film for the first time on the television, the wait for its release had begun... The biggest reason being the name under the director's column - the ever so classy, Naseeruddin Shah!

I've always admired him as an actor ; the ease with which he plays his part in all his movies - so effortless, yet so perfect! Now he emerges as more or less a consummate director, and strives to take his achievements, a step further.

A couple of days back, I was watching a special feature on the movie, where he talked about the mentations behind the film and the selection of the cast, and when I watched the movie, I was amazed at the perfection with which those thoughts were executed on screen!

The director is so clear about where to end, and he is on the right track throughout. It is so easy to lose way in between while handling four different stories in parallel, but when it's Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, there's a little chance of things going awry!

The last quarter of the movie leaves you dumbstruck! It took me a long time to sink in, the way all of it had come to a close, with the question ringing loud enough in the head :: What if?...

The title song alone forms the background score of the movie, which very well captures the essence of the plot and the different situations being portrayed.

All in all, a great movie by a great man!
A must watch...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Out Of Exile!

Finally, after 3 days of blacking out of the blogs in India, following an insane act of "blanket blocking" by the ISPs, things are back to normal again!

It's such a relief for me, having been a part of the blogosphere for only a few weeks and being faced up with something like this!
Though there were workarounds to bypass the ban, but it wasn't at all comfortable to access your own web space through an alternative route; it simply ceases to be what one calls, My Space!
An attack on a possession, be it as small as a 20-day old web space, hurts still...

But now it's back to happy times for this newbie blogger!
Happy reading... :-)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Light A Candle

More than 200 people killed...Hundreds of others seriously injured!
Let's do our wee bit for those who succumbed in the terror's darkness...

Please light a candle.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Memory Remains...

One fine day, in a land of jaded souls, a mutineer(well quite literally), managed to find something that would bring about weeks of much needed solace for us.
It was the famous, Condition Zero : Counter Strike!!!

I still remember the 2 weeks of "Fun @ InterraIT" (well that's precisely one of the things that my company wants us to do, didn't they say so at the time of induction?)... ;)

Planning strategies...Implementing them unsuccessfully...Managing to win a few times by killing the opponents or diffusing those bombs (I must confess, I made a mess of it when I had to diffuse one myself for the first time!)... That's all that our timesheets consisted of!
The only times when we got our asses off our chairs was to eat or to hit the loo...Revival! :D

Thanks to the partners in crime, "Seabiscuit", "Sher-e-Punjab", "Nightmare", "Newbie Prashant" and the boss, "Abyss"!
I surely was having the time of my life, but it wasn't to last for long...

And as all good things come to an end, this too, unfortunately, was destined to!

Seabiscuit & Sher-e-Punjab got another project, they had to shift to new cubicles, on the "highway", as they call it!
Newbie decided to move on in life and left the company.
Nightmare too has some jazzy mobile application work now!
And the man who started it all, Abyss, he too moved out just yesterday!

And here I am, all alone, no work(well that's official) and nothing else to indulge in too.
Lookin' back, I miss those days...Hoping the "disposable heroes" will be back in action...Soon!

-- Indian Superhero Krrish! ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Campioni Del Mondo

9th July saw the curtains being pulled down on the best show on Earth that spreads its frenzy across masses, young and old alike, every 4 years!

This time, it was the battle of Asterix vs The Gladiators at Berlin.
I was at the Shangri-La Hotel, with the crowd of 100 odd people, wearing the colors of the teams they were supporting, drinking and smoking, chanting the names of their favourite players... just about the perfect setting to watch what promises to be the bestest 90 minutes that this beautiful game of football has to offer!

But as the gods wanted, it had to go on to 30 minutes of extra time and was eventually decided on penalties!

The Italian supporters went into ruptures as Grosso drilled in the last one! They were goin' wild shouting out rhythmic chants of "Italia" n "Azzurri", jumping in joy, punching fists in air and sharing hugs with unknown people who had just one thing in common, the support for the winning team; I was one of them!:)

Amidst these scenes of jubiliation, was a set of French supporters, in tears, shattered; they started moving out like a herd of sheep being taken back from the green pastures, to where they belong! A sad sight... I know how it feels; had a similar experience when England crashed out of the tourney!

But the history remembers only the winners, and after one of the best world cup finals in the footballing history, it was Italy who were crowned the "Champions of the World"!

Hail Azzurri

Thursday, July 06, 2006

And the bastards lose...

4 days of groaning following England's defeat in the world cup quarters...

It needed something really good to get over the lamentable chapter - what better way than to watch the Portugese bastards lose to France in the semis!

Ecstatic I am while I tag this pic alongwith...Who deserves these tears more than him!

Now really looking forward to the 3rd place match to watch Germany kick ass, and the dickheads goin' back home with NOTHING!

Let's get the ball rolling!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Yet again, bad luck struck its blow ; but I still keep hoping...just another 4 years to go!

1st July '06, the day when England registered yet another penalty shootout exit from a world cup! after 120 minutes of hard fought battle, it took just 15 more minutes to confirm that their dream of lifting the prestigious trophy will remain a dream, atleast for another 4 years! we just did not deserve this...

dejected...crestfallen...i've mulled over it enough!
my world cup's over...don't have words...don't even feel like cursing anyone for the hurts! a hell lot!

still can't believe it has actually happened! haven't been able to snap out of it!

but the fact doesn't close yet so far!
can't get boged they say "there's always a next time!"

we'll be back, even stronger...the countdown begins...just another 4 years to go!