Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm just a dreamer

The clear blue sky
The mild sunlight
The occasional breeze
The fallen leaves

She looked pretty
Playing with the kittens
Her hair concealing half her face
The mystery half revealing

I sat there
With my eyes glued on her
A kitten in my hand and five around
There was music in their purr

I talked to her with ease
And likewise she’d respond
My presence was no surprise
I realised we’d been together for long

But I was falling in love with her again
I asked her if we could leave
With an approving nod, she turned to me
And smiled the most beautiful smile at me

I stood up and gave her my hand
And pulled her towards me
I could see her clearly now
My girl was standing right in front of me

I leaned forward to kiss her
The moment had completely gripped me
Just then I heard the doorbell ring
The maid had arrived to clean the house, and I woke to reality!

Monday, June 14, 2010

And then it comes back!

It was 4 years back that I started this blog when in the last World Cup, England crashed out in the quarter finals. And today, after their opening match last night, as the last words of my first post said, we’re back...even stronger. A much better manager, more matured players and a good qualifying campaign will instill that faith in all the English supporters. Last night's result would have been sweeter had Robert Green washed his hands after the fish 'n' chips he munched for dinner before the game. Nevertheless, it wasn't a losing start and the other two group matches are seemingly easy. A lot of improvement is needed if we are to better the last time’s performance though.

It’s always an amazing feeling when the World Cup begins; the prospect of watching the 32 best teams compete for the coveted title of 'World Champions', the hysteria that surrounds the world, the fervour, the madness, the rivalries, and in all this, the world coming together to cheer for the beautiful game! This year’s official anthem is arguably the best in the history of the competition and brilliantly captures the spirit of the tournament and essence of Africa. I’ve been tripping on the song since I heard it, nearing the level of addiction, so much so that it is my caller tune for this month! :)

Personally, a lot has changed for me in these 4 years. From bidding adieu to the life of a software engineer to realising my age long desire of pursuing a MBA, from living the best year of my life to surviving the worst, from parting with my beloved Delhi to embracing the 'wonder-weather' Bangalore as my new home for some time. It’s funny how we don’t realise how much happened in our 'believed-to-be' mundane lives, unless we look back at the time that went by. I believe it’s human nature to base our lives’ assessments on our present and the very recent past. I am no different, but I’m glad that with the regular urge of writing something, I’m prompted to think otherwise.

Bangalore welcomed me with open arms, a light drizzle and a lovely breeze. And then it wasn’t difficult to start liking the city. I’ve always wondered how good weather plays such a huge role in inducing happiness in people. It always has an enormous effect on my mood and the weather here is just the kinds to keep my spirits high. It is the first time I’m staying away from home, all by myself, and I was really looking forward to it. Always wanted to test myself and challenge my limits. The time during the MBA did that to an extent and I’m sure this phase too shall contribute to that cause. It’s been good so far, and with every passing day I realise that it is going to be one helluva learning phase in my life. Honestly, I am upbeat and quite kicked about it, and I hope that it marks the beginning of an awesome life ahead. As of now, I do believe:

When I get older,
I will be stronger.
They’ll call me freedom...
Just like a wavin’ flag!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keep Walking

I knew where I wanted to go
I knew where I had to be
So I walked

It was a path new to many
Daunting, yet the only one left for me
And I walked

Crossed ways with a few who mocked at me
And others who parried me
But I walked

Some walked a few steps with me
And some others prayed for me
And I walked

I stopped at times when I felt lost
And at times I’d cry for me
Yet I walked

Now I’ve been on this road for long
Never thought so long it’d be
A lot it has already shown
Some more, it seems, I'm yet to see
Long or short, whatever is left
Tough or tender, however it will be
I will walk.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

To St. Valentine, with Love

Cupid strikes
He’s hit
She evades

Cupid waits
He tries
She resists

Cupid strikes again
He’s hit again
She evades again

Cupid’s baffled
He’s hurting
She’s indifferent

Cupid’s pondering
He’s cursing
She’s receding

Cupid flies away
He waits
She waits...too

Friday, December 18, 2009


In the past few months of joblessness, if there’s one thing that I’ve been regular with, other than sleeping for long hours, it is giving Facebook quality time from my limited remaining hours of the day, managing to login there about 10 times daily! Whenever I’d open my Internet browser thinking of something interesting to do, after a few vague and unsuccessful attempts to reach an engaging website, I’d inevitably start typing I actually realised today that even if I had nothing to do there, I’d just go because I feel I have to. It’d satiate some unknown urge within me and even if I have to torture my eyes to go through countless Farmville or Mafia Wars activity feeds on my homepage, I’d do it, cursing their hundreds of users as I scroll down to look for ‘meaningful’ activity.

But while I religiously keep doing this every single day, occasionally a modest 3-letter word rings in my head: WHY? Just why am I doing this? Is it just me? And the earnest response from within is: NO! Backed by figures, there are millions of users around the world doing the same thing. Then follows a string of questions: Why is everyone doing this? Why is there this need to spend hours of our day staying logged on to a social networking website when clearly we could be doing something more meaningful with our lives? Why is it important to comment on somebody’s pictures? Why is it that we even end up commenting on certain status messages that talk about how some acquaintance is feeling? Why is it that we want to check out what groups the others are a part of or what/who they become a fan of?

To all this, I could just think of one rationale: we have a need to ‘connect’. An unsaid desire to know what the others are doing and making them know how our life is treating us. I’ve always believed that every human in this world is connected in some unknown way. A heart speaks to another, even without words or gestures. And a way to acknowledge this connection is to communicate. And that’s what we try to do, directly or indirectly, by writing status messages and waiting to receive comments from all those who get to read it, by playing random games with or against others, by posting our pictures and checking others’, by sending birthday or anniversary greetings, by joining interest groups, by sharing reviews about a movie that we watched or a restaurant that we ate at or a place that we visited or an experience that we were a part of! All this, just to ‘communicate’! To reach out and keep that unknown connection alive and to nurture it by feeding it with little doses of ‘Facebook Indulgence’ to replete its hunger.

P.S. By the time I finished writing this post, I’d checked my e-mail thrice to see if there were any new mails from Facebook! Good job, Mark Zuckerberg! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Found Happiness

Nothing compares to catching up with a dear friend after months and reliving the old times.

Nothing compares to meeting new people and making friends.

Nothing compares to singing karaoke non-stop for hours.

Nothing compares to eating the poori-chana-halwa combo.

Nothing compares to a long drive back home at 3 am, listening to ‘Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison’.

Nothing compares to being the "only one in the queue" at the CNG filling station.

Nothing compares to having a fun filled evening in an otherwise stale phase of life.