Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Found Happiness

Nothing compares to catching up with a dear friend after months and reliving the old times.

Nothing compares to meeting new people and making friends.

Nothing compares to singing karaoke non-stop for hours.

Nothing compares to eating the poori-chana-halwa combo.

Nothing compares to a long drive back home at 3 am, listening to ‘Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison’.

Nothing compares to being the "only one in the queue" at the CNG filling station.

Nothing compares to having a fun filled evening in an otherwise stale phase of life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never Know

It’s raining outside
And inside of him as well
The raindrops knocking at the glass window
Of his temporal existence they tell

The clothes and the curtains dampened
Likewise, his spirits too
The sky turning grey
Enough to restrict his vision to a foot or two

The sight of a kid on the street
Dancing merrily in the rain
Reminds him of his cherished childhood days
The time he can’t regain

The puddles on the road
With the paper boats afloat
The washed green trees
And their fallen yellow leaves

The peacock’s crested head
And its large fanlike tail
The earthworms from the sand
That slithered on the garden rail

A smile crosses his face
As he remembers the life that was
As distant as it is now from him
He savoured the little trip to the past

The present wasn’t so pleasant
All the planning fell apart
Not that he could do much about it
Bad luck played a big part

It consoled him for a while
To know that he’s not alone
There were hundreds of other mortals
Fighting the same battle on their own

He wished he knew the end
To this pain and distraught
To the annoyance of being a victim
Of circumstance and not his fault

He looked out in the grey
In a hope to find an answer
A vibrant rainbow appeared at the horizon
And the smile returned; this time it was wider!