Friday, July 13, 2007

Tagged # 1

Tagged for the first time, initially it felt a bit itchy to write about something that I myself didn't think about, but then I found it to be a good idea 'coz I atleast had something to write in a time when my brain cells were virtually dead. 
Thanks Skeeter for the tag! I had to write about a few things that I’ve loved doing on rainy days, here they are:

  • Smiled…Even the thought of rain does that to me! :)
  • Listened to “The Wall”, from beginning to end, and felt bliss.
  • Feasted on pakodas and cutting chai with friends in college; have done the same at home too.
  • Walked in the rain with a then special friend.
  • Sitting in the balcony and watching the greens come to life!
  • Played football, almost every time we possibly could; on one of those days, followed it up with a game of kabaddi…still remember how we pounced on a weakling and a heavyweight among the opponents and almost buried them alive! :-D
  • As a kid, made those paper boats and floated them from one end of the street to another, over the pools of clogged up water.
The rain gods don’t seem to be too happy with our city now. Last year, we experienced the shittiest monsoons by far. I hope this season makes up for that. The start seemed to be good, but sadly, it couldn't sustain for long and it hasn’t been good enough…
So I keep on waiting, waiting for the pouring rain!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Year Old!

Today, my blog turns a year old. It feels good to say the least.
I still remember how thrilled I was putting the URL of my blog under the “My Webpage” column on Orkut, for the very fact that even though there must be millions of others who blog, there are billions who do not!

Recalling the days leading up to creating this blog to the moment when it was finally up 'n' running, I feel I always needed it as much. Re-reading all the posts, I could literally relive those incidents, those feelings that drove me to write all that I did. The comments from the readers sometimes served as great words of encouragement to write more and at times led me to thinking if I should even write at all. Not that I was seeking the approval of my “critics”, just wanted to know if they were right in what they said about what I wrote.

Through this blog, I found new friends and also lured a few friends into creating one of their own.

It’s been a fulfilling journey so far, serving the purpose(s) for which I created this blog.
A journey from being somewhere in the last few entries on the second page of the Google search results for “Ankur Arora” to the first entry today; I’ve enjoyed being a part of the blogosphere.

Thanks to all the readers who’ve enjoyed reading my Rear View Mirror.
Keep visiting.